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Rotary joint maintenance

Author: source: date: 2018-08-06 11:11:14

Rotary joint maintenance

1. The inside of the rotating joint drum and the pipe should be kept clean. Special attention should be paid to new equipment. If necessary, a filter should be added to avoid abnormal wear caused by foreign objects on the rotary joint.

2. If the machine is not used for a long time, it will cause scaling and rust inside the rotary joint. Please note that if it is used again, it will be stuck or dripping. Should be removed to clean up impurities before use
3. With oil filling device, please fill the oil regularly to ensure the reliability of the rotary joint bearing operation.
In addition, the rotating joint of the fluid medium should gradually heat up to avoid the temperature rising too fast.

4. Check the wear condition and thickness variation of the sealing surface (normally, the normal wear is 5--10mm); if the wear is serious, the seal should be replaced immediately.


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