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Flexible Rubber Expansion joints introduction

Author: source: date: 2017-09-22 14:54:15

Flexible Rubber Expansion joints introducttion

About the Flexible Rubber Expansion joints

Flexible Rubber Expansion joints, also known as shock absorbers, pipe shock absorbers, shock hose, flexible rubber joints, rubber soft connection, soft joints and so on.Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion joints is a metal pipe flexible coupling. Body used vulcanization process.The inner layer is smooth and seamless ,made by nylon cord fabric reinforced, the outer rubber composite rubber ball and loose metal flange composition. Using the introduction of advanced production technology, support high pressure. Addition nylon cord fabric and glue layer to be a better combination. It own high pressure, good elasticity, large displacement, balance pipe deviation and absorb vibration, reduce the noise effect, easy installation and so on.

Flexible Rubber Expansion joints widely using in water supply and drainage, circulating water, HVAC, fire, paper, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, ships, pumps, compressors, fans and other piping systems. Normally,it can transport air, compressed air, water, sea water, oil, acid, alkali in . -15℃~115℃ enviroment. If the media is oil, concentrated acid or concentrated alkali or solid materials and the temperature is -30℃~250℃, we supply customize.

Rubber expansion joint 5

Performance characteristics

1.Good performance

Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion joints can greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline system, fundamentally solve the various types of pipeline interface displacement, axial expansion and the degree of heart and other issues.

2.Widely transport multi-type media

Flexible Rubber Expansion joints can handle many media,include acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, oil, heat and other varieties.

3.Easy protection

The material of Flexible Rubber Expansion joints has some characteristic,such as good sealing, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.To avoid pierce the ball, let the sharp mental equipment go away.

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