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How To Improve The Service Life Of Rubber Joints?

Author: source: date: 2017-01-11 13:47:23

flexible rubber jointIn the industrial field, rubber pipe coupling have been 90 years of history. Flexible rubber expansion joints technology in the continuous breakthrough,at the same time  it has accumulated valuable experience,and has broad prospects for development.
In daily life,There is variety of factors that affect the quality of the rubber expansion bellow joint ,such as stress uneven, rubber formulation problems,vulcanization process and so on.The rubber body ,reinforcing cloth,cord fabric and other key parts of the adhesive rupture, will greatly reduce the service life of rubber joints. When you install the rubber joints, the pipeline displacement greater than or equal to the joint of maximum compensation amount, should increase the number of rubber joints to parallel displacement. 

Rubber flexbile coupling after long hours of work, often in a state of displacement expansion, will lead to cracks of the rubber body, and then burst,damage. The protective devices is not installed when rubber compensator  at work, resulting the rubber expansion joint in long-term exposure to bad weather, then rubber body is broken.
Normal medium is ordinary water,about 0-60 , special media such as: oil, acid, alkali and high temperature and other corrosive and hard case, should be selected special resistant material correspondingly, can not blind string or in common use. In addition, the rubber body should avoid exposure, use or storage of flexible rubber joint, should avoid high temperature, ozone and acid-base environment. Outdoor use or sunny wind pipeline should be built a sunshade,Rainstorm, rain, wind turbidity is strictly prohibited. The surface of the joint is strictly prohibited to paint and wrap the insulation material.
Improve the use quality of soft rubber joints is that we reduce production costs, an important way to expand revenue, as a professionaltechnical service providers of rubber coupling!


Address:Lianhe Industrial Area,Luo Cun Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China