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Flexible Metal Hose Is A Good Helper For Different Kinds Of Transport Equipment

Author: source: date: 2017-07-21 15:26:29

metal hose pipeFlexible metal braided hose is made of high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology, not only has the conductivity of other pipe,but also has good flexibility, scalability, corrosion resistance, high temperature,high pressure and defensive displacement changes,vibration, noise reduction and other significant features.Mainly used to reduce the damage of the earthquake, compensation for foundation subsidence, Thermal expansion and contraction of pipeline, the installation of the error.In the pump or compressor, instrumentation and other components of the pipeline,often due to vibration damage to the instrument and other key parts, affect the normal operation of the system. And even cause the pipe corridor resonance, destruction of pipe corridor and equipment,moreover, vibration produce a serious voice pollution, but corrugated metal pipe can absorb vibration, reduce the voice effectively.

    1. The weak corrosive materials in petrochemical production, such as: water, ammonia, oil, hydrocarbons and so on.
    2. The corrosive material in chemical production, such as: caustic soda, soda ash, concentrated/diluted sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid, ester acid.
    3. The low-temperature materials in refrigeration, such as: liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen and a variety of refrigerant.
    4. The materials of health requirements in light industry food and pharmaceutical production, such as: beer, beverages, dairy products, grain pulp, pharmaceutical goods.


Address:Lianhe Industrial Area,Luo Cun Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China